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Photography in Bad Weather

Posted by on Apr 8, 2014 in Latest Shoots | 0 comments


Hi Folks,

Thanks for visiting, this post is about our recent shoot in Earlston with our model Paula Elliot.   We had this shoot planned for a while and the location sorted and we were praying on good weather however on the day it did not go down like that, hence the title, Photography in Bad Weather.

The morning started with communication between our model Paula, our assistant for the day, Barbara Shiel and myself whether or not the shoot was going ahead because it was very dull and threatening rain.  We all decided to brave it and to meet as planned at Earlston at 10am.   When we arrived and got together Paula was up for it and she came prepared with her mobile wardrobe ( called a car to you and I ) and armed with umbrella which was sensible considering the conditions.

Since the location was scouted before hand I had an idea of what it was we wanted but as always when 3 heads are put together other suggestions come along so it’s always good to be open and not just go tunnel vision with 1 place that you see.  We covered 4 areas that morning just to cover all bases and get as many good images for Paula as we could.

I shot all morning with my Nikon D610 and 70-200mm F2.8.

My lighting wizard and assistant was Barbara who did a sterling job.

The shoot was wet and cold at times but not once did we stop laughing or want to stop shooting, it was actually a really good fluent shoot and we all worked very well together and more importantly Paula was happy at what we delivered, what more can we ask for..

It was a joy to work with Paula and we will definitely be asking her back for more shoots!

Here are some images that we got.

Model: Paula Elliot

Model: Paula Elliot

Model: Paula Elliot

If you would like to see more images of our shoot feel free to have a look at our facebook page

Thanks for reading and thank you again to Paula and Barbara.

As always feel free to leave a comment, we are always grateful to hear from you.

See you soon!

Amber & Rory

Posted by on Apr 2, 2014 in Latest Shoots | 0 comments


HI Folks,

We would like to share with you one of our recent shoots with 2 gorgeous dogs, Amber and Rory.

We were really lucky to have had the call from Sam, their owner because the shoot was absolutely brilliant.

The location was just outside Jedburgh out in the middle of nowhere into the hills, the day was Sunny but cloudy so the sun was in and out causing shooting conditi0ns to be a little tricky however we learn to work with this and that we did.

Before meeting Amber and Rory, Sam had notified me that Rory wasn’t to great with strangers, that’s something you get used to a lot when photographing dogs ( or another animals too for that matter ).  Respect them at all times! It turned our that Rory was really just a little scared to start of with but it’s important to stay calm, the last thing Rory wanted at that point was me on my knees with a high pitched voice trying to get near him, disaster situation, don’t do it! Instead, allow the dog to come to you on it’s own terms!  Amber was the sweetest, she just wanted petted, very friendly, cute and cuddly!

We spent 30mins or so just around the dogs in the home getting used them, letting them get a little used to us before heading outside for the wander, this is where the fun started.  We reeled of shot after shot but allowing the Amber and Rory to be themselves, I followed them keeping an eye on the sun, shadows, exposure, all the usual photography things whilst Sarah and Sam chin wagged and watched me get on every angle, up and down, it’s tiring let me tell you, these guys were active! :)

Here is my top 3 images from the shoot, it was very hard to choose these because there were so many good ones!

Amber & Rory

A HUGE thank you to Sam! We hope Neil enjoyed his Birthday and that he and yourself are enjoying the images!

Looking forward too see you all in the future.

Please feel free to share this article and/or comment!

See you soon!

Vicky & Flynn : A Partnership

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Vicky&Flynn | 0 comments


Hi Folks,

You would have heard or seen us talking about or posting pictures of Vicky Maxwell and My Boy Flynn on Facebook. Well between us it has been decided that we ( Stevie Purves Photography ) will be following and supporting Vicky and Flynn through their 2014 season so this is not by far the only post that we will be sharing :)

It is going to be a great project and will show a partnership between Vicky and Flynn grow throughout their season together.  We will be with their whole team so they better expect to be photographed ( they don’t know this yet, I’m sneaking it in, sorry! ).

So we ended up at Etal on the 16th March 2014.   They both entered the Elementary 53 class and Medium 69 which were quite late on in the day so I had a bit of a wait but it was nice to see them come into warm up area and then do their thing in the arena which was in the Gardens outside at Etal.

It’s quite something watching dressage ( never mind photographing it ), they make it look so easy and effortless and it really isn’t, the time and effort and dedication that goes into this is quite something.

Tests don’t last for long and I had to pick Ellie’s brain ( Vicky’s sister ) to run me through the test so I knew what to look for! It helped, a lot!

Following her through the test keeping the camera on her you can’t help to think to yourself ( go on Vicky…) because you can see it in her supporters faces as well and we all want her to do the very best but also make sure that it is fun at the same time and although rarely do we see that smile whilst riding, we certainly see it when she is finished and that’s fantastic!

So here are some images from the tests so you can stop reading for a bit and soak in the partnership on the day!

Vicky & My Boy Flynn

Vicky & My Boy Flynn


Vicky & My Boy Flynn

Vicky & My Boy Flynn

So the results, well for the Elementary Vicky and Flynn came in 2nd and for the Medium a 4th however they also one the Medium Winter Etal Championship and was presented with a wonderful Shield!

Now remember that smile I mentioned earlier in the post?  (Go back and look)

Vicky & My Boy Flynn

What can we say other than…WELL DONE!

See you soon!



Birds of Prey Outing

Posted by on Mar 2, 2014 in Latest Shoots, Photography Outings | 0 comments


Hey Folks,

1st March 2014 was a Bird of Prey Outing for us which turned out to be an absolute brilliant day.

We got to work with some of my favourite birds of prey, these being:

  1. Luna ( Barn Owl )
  2. Cassie ( Buzzard )
  3. Toby ( Long Eared Owl )
  4. Rolo ( European Eagle Owl )
  5. Dudley ( Little Owl )

Joined me was local falconer Andy Howey and another photographer, Alan Thompson.  Great company and a good laugh was had throughout the day.  We even had a short and sweet visit by Nita!

I won’t babble on and bore you all to death on this one, I’ll let the images speak from themselves and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

As always, you can head over to our Facebook page to see more and feel free to comment at the bottom of the post if you wish, it’s much appreciated, thank you!

In no particular order:

Luna : Barn Owl
Luna : Barn Owl
Cassie : Buzzard
Toby : Long Eared Owl
Dudley : Little Owl
Rolo : European Eagle Owl
Rolo : European Eagle Owl

We hope you enjoyed, these images, why not let us know but leaving us a comment :)

See you soon!